La Revista de ACOP


The ACOP magazine is the publication which took over for “El Molinillo,” published monthly.

When our association got its start in June 2008, a five-page news bulletin was launched, edited by our President at the time, Luis Arroyo, Director Mario G. Gurrionero, and Partner David Redoli. While our association has grown in size, the magazine also grew in content under the direction of David Redoli, Jordi Rodriguez Virgili, Juan Manuel Zafra and currently, Ignacio Martin Granados, with the assistance of its designers: first, Juan Antonio Alonso, and currently thanks to the José Vicente Rojo studio.

After 82 issues published over an eight-year period, “The ACOP Magazine” is stepping in for “El Molinillo” and,

throughout its nearly 50 pages, it endeavours to maintain the standards of rigor and quality inherent to this benchmark of political communication sector publications, attested by its two Victory Awards (2014 and 2015) for political publication of the year.

Since its creation, its readership has continually expanded. It reaches over 3,500 individuals worldwide, mainly in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. Thanks to redesigning the magazine and the refreshed ACOP website, it has increased its visibility and notoriety. “El Molinillo” is an opportunity to share what’s going on in the political communication sector to our collaborators and followers in the widest scope possible.

Thanks to all our contributions (academics, consultants, researchers, reporters, and experts) for their contributions and commitment to the magazine.

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